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Main Office

1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB R0G 1K0

Phone: 204-746-2531


Morris is positioned within a cost-competitive location in the centre of Canada, just under a half hour drive away from the international border. With recent investments coming from both the public and private sector, the Municipality and surrounding area is now equipped to deliver fast and reliable fibre internet speeds, capable of supporting logistics infrastructure to expedite trade.

Clean Technology & Advanced Manufacturing

Our strategic geographic location is near one of the busiest commercial border crossing between Canada
and the U.S. west of Windsor, creating a strong value proposition for foreign direct investments, particularly in clean technology and electric vehicle opportunities. Along with the availability of hydropower, wind and
solar energy, Manitoba has access to nickel, lithium, cesium, and silica sand markets that are needed to produce specialized batteries and equipment to drive today’s economic and environmental innovation.

Access to Young Talent

As the post-COVID economy becomes more digital, geography and location constraints will reduce. With
relatively close proximity to large urban centres such as Winnipeg and an influx in urban dwellers looking
to move to more affordable and smaller communities, Morris is in a position to become a destination for
individuals and families looking to experience a small town atmosphere with fast internet connection while remaining close to major urban areas.


& Retail

  • Ready-to-develop data storage areas

  • Available provincial innovation grants

  • Thriving software industry

Consulting & Technology

  • Home-based start-ups

  • Scientific and technical consulting

  • Cross-border logistics / business

Online Enterprise Support

  • Dedicated fibre optic internet

  • Web-based hosting (servers)

  • Technical support to businesses (i.e. online shopping)

Agri-Food Innovation

  • Bio-product manufacturing &

  • Flax-based product manufacturing

  • Natural plastics/cosmetics/
    products etc.

Green Alternative Fuels

  • Proximity to leading agriculture labs
    Easy access to PTH 75 for exporting and importing

  • Government grants and funding

Investment Opportunities

At the heart of Manitoba's export economy is the Town of Morris where you will find a number of diverse investment opportunities in E-Commerce and Technology sector:

Municipal Support

The Town of Morris is open for business and willing to assist you in achieving your business objectives. We offer a suite of incentives and services, including:

  • Opportunity Zone - Redirecting a grant of up to 100% of accruing municipal tax to targeted development projects or zones.

Town of Morris Council

1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB, R0G 1K0

P: 204 746 2531


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