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Main Office

1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB R0G 1K0

Phone: 204-746-2531


With easy access to Highway 75, fresh and newly refined products can move quickly to market. Access to the U.S. and Mexico makes Morris an excellent location for a variety of small and large agriculture and food processing businesses to thrive in the international market.

Large Distribution Network

Morris is capable of producing a varied portfolio for processing agricultural crops. With a position along an established transportation network, facilities can easily transport raw and refined various agricultural products, including:

  • Field crops – wheat, flax, canola, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, barley, alfalfa, and peas

  • Livestock – beef, pork, poultry and eggs

  • Specialty products

  • Dairy – milk, cream, cheese, yogurt and

  • Fruits and vegetables – strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, corn, and apples

Skilled Labour, Research and Education

Morris is less than an hour away from various Research and Development Centre's focusing on research in cereal, oilseed, livestock and pasture. Nearby are the Long-Term Manure & Crop Management Field Laboratory, the Trace
Gas Manitoba (TGAS MAN) Greenhouse Gas Field Emission Site, and the Glenlea Long Term Crop Rotation Research Centre.

Existing Business Hub

Morris has a strong reputation in wheat, flax, barley, strawberries, raspberries, poultry, beef, dairy and
hog operations. There are many small-to-medium size agri-businesses, food processors, and growers who have significant, longstanding operations. They are major suppliers of equipment and bioproducts for companies across North America. Some notable Agri-Businesses in Morris include:

  • Valley Agro Services Ltd.

  • Cargill Ltd.

  • Dale Air Services Inc.

  • Enns Brothers Ltd.

  • NorthStar Genetics

Specialty Food & Beverage Production

  • Seasonal Farmers Markets

  • Craft Brewery and Micro-Distilleries

  • Farm-to-table pop ups and restaurant options

Grain, Oilseed & Pulse Processing

  • Accessible location with quality
    products and supply

  • Supply for restaurants and retailers

  • Grain, canola and soybean processing

  • Bakery and tortilla manufacturing

Greenhouse, Wholesale & Retail

  • High volumes of commercial traffic with close proximity to the Emerson-Pembina Port of Entry and CentrePort Canada

Trucking Hub

& Rail Park

  • Fava Bean Protein

  • Pea Protein

  • Oat protein

  • Hemp protein

Restaurants, Dining &

Food Tourism

  • Food & dish marketing

  • Seasonally based restaurants

  • Region marketing

Foodie Festivals

  • Seasonal guest chef ‘Cook-Offs’

  • Farmer’s / locally-based / vendor market

  • Thematic & limited-time cuisine sale

  • Sponsor advertisement

Investment Opportunities

At the heart of Manitoba's export economy is the Town of Morris where you will find a number of diverse investment opportunities in logistics and advanced manufacturing:

1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB, R0G 1K0

P: 204 746 2531


Invest Morris

Municipal Support

The Town of Morris is open for business and willing to assist you in achieving your business objectives. We offer a suite of incentives and services, including:

  • Beautification and Placemaking Grant - The Town may provide a one-time grant matching a portion of capital costs up to a maximum amount for eligible projects, including:

    • Expansion of a retail business

    • Seasonal patios for restaurants

    • Exterior building renovations

    • Landscaping improvements

Town of Morris Council
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