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1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB, R0G 1K0

P: 204 746 2531


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1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB R0G 1K0

Phone: 204-746-2531


From keeping physically-active to medical services, Morris offers everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Families and newcomers can take advantage of high-class health and wellness facilities and services offered in urban areas without having to travel far from home.

Quality Health Services

Young or old, there are services available for all demographics’ needs. Morris has a solid foundation of top tier facilities that provide not only for the community, but the surrounding area as well. These include:

  • The General Hospital and Medical Clinic which offers 24/7 emergency services

  • Mental Health Services

  • Minor Surgical Facilities

  • Physiotherapy

Skilled Workforce

Morris prioritizes health and education. The Town sees 1 in 4 of its workforce currently employed in either of the two sectors, and has several high-quality healthcare services and a full K-12 school. This access to a dedicated and trained cohort helps to support opportunities for developing further private health services, amenities and the expansion of educational facilities and training campuses.

Diverse Wellness Options

The Town currently has a state-of-the-art, fully equipped fitness Centre inside the Morris Multiplex that is accessible 24/7 and draws people from the surrounding region. There are great opportunities with this established user base and increasing demand for further expansion of wellness services, amenities and specialized health retail / businesses that can support a growing and aging population.

Transitional Aging Services

An uptick in older demographics from cities looking to retire in cozy quiet towns and the slightly higher proportion of mid-to-old age adults to youth in Morris has created certainty for all types of development and businesses relating to easing transitional aging. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • long-term assisted living centres

  • mobility and transportation services and businesses

  • age-friendly wellness services and amenities

  • mental health services

  • assisted-living equipment businesses

Daycare & Early

Childhood Education

  • Child transportation services

  • Nanny services

  • Childcare centres and home daycare

  • After-school program business

  • Homecare

Active Living

Centre Development

  • 55+ independent & assisted living community centre

  • Age-friendly wellness programs & sports

  • On-call and in-house care services


Support Services

  • Sport specific gear rentals / selling

  • Sport tutoring / lessons / classes

  • Activity & recreation guides

  • Minor sport/activity certification (i.e. lifeguard certification)


Hall Rentals

  • Fitness & wellness retreat events

  • Socials, weddings and banquets

  • Sports and sport event hosting

  • Community events

  • Vocational training

Investment Opportunities

At the heart of Manitoba's export economy is the Town of Morris where you will find a number of diverse investment opportunities in Health, Wellness & Community services:

Municipal Support

The Town of Morris is open for business and willing to assist you in achieving your business objectives. We offer a suite of incentives and services, including:

  • Opportunity Zone - Redirecting a grant of up to 100% of accruing municipal tax to targeted development projects or zones.

  • Municipal Fee Rebate - A grant equal to a portion of municipal-imposed fees and charges including but not limited to temporary use permit, building permit, and administrative fees.

  • Financing Support - The Town may be able to provide businesses with more attractive interest rates or assist in finding appropriate government funding.

Town of Morris Council
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