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Main Office

1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB R0G 1K0

Phone: 204-746-2531


Morris is a desirable place to live. There is something special about our picturesque prairie landscapes and unique location at the Red and Morris River junction. Whether you are seeking an urban setting or rural living, we offer huge potential with affordable land and housing, quality municipal services, and age-friendly communities.

Available & Affordable Land

We offer serviced, affordable land for families looking for the warmth of a small town and the amenities of an urban centre. Morris is very receptive to a diversity of housing types. With favourable zoning by-laws, a multitude of infill opportunities and municipal tax incentives, Morris is a great place to develop your next home or residential project.

Small Town Quality of Life

Life in Morris is characterized by a strong sense of community and a connection to the natural environment. Morris offers the best of both worlds, with a small town quality of life, and access to modern infrastructure technology, amenities and services. With affordable housing prices, direct access to agriculture for farm-to-table options, health and wellness accessibility, local events and culture, and proximity to Winnipeg and other urban centres - we have a lot to offer.

Development Areas

Our region offers a booming industrial market and unique infill sites along Main Street/Highway 75. All of our sites are already fully serviced to an urban standard and we offer competitive advantages across all real estate classes.

Access to High Quality Amenities

One advantage the Town has are the quality services and amenities that are already present. These include:

  • Full K-12 school, Daycare & Nursery School

  • Established Grocery & Retail Stores

  • Morris Multiplex and Pool

  • Healthcare Services in the Town

  • High-Quality Digital Infrastructure



  • Affordable housing options for
    individuals, couples and the
    younger population

  • Land available in several areas

  • Continuing urban migration demand



  • Fitness programs and activities

  • Sports training

  • Health product retail

Seniors Housing (Independent & Assisted) 

  • Continuing Care Retirement

  • Active Living Centre Development

  • Eldery services

Hotel & Hospitality

  • Long and short-stay accommodations

  • Pit stop retail / dining / services

  • Event management / planning

Seasonal Recreation Accommodations

  • With many campgrounds available, we offer plenty of serviced, seasonal recreation sites

Rural Residential

  • Medium-to-large lot development with prairie, small-town views

Investment Opportunities

At the heart of Manitoba's export economy is the Town of Morris where you will find a number of diverse investment opportunities in the Residential Development sector:

1-380 Stampede Grounds
Box 28 Morris, MB, R0G 1K0

P: 204 746 2531


Invest Morris

Municipal Support

The Town of Morris is open for business and willing to assist you in achieving your business objectives. We offer a suite of incentives and services, including:

  • Opportunity Zone - Redirecting a grant of up to 100% of accruing municipal tax to targeted development projects or zones.

  • Municipal Fee Rebate - A grant equal to a portion of municipal-imposed fees and charges including but not limited to temporary use permit, building permit, and administrative fees.

  • Financing Support - The Town may be able to provide businesses with more attractive interest rates or assist in finding appropriate government funding.

Town of Morris Council
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